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The high blood pressure drugs commonly used-angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

High blood pressure medication

In the treatment of high blood pressure before, we must be clear about is, high blood pressure is a systemic disease, popular, systemic sclerosis of arterial appear small in each important organs such as the heart, brain, kidney and so on appear function obstacle, this is a slow process.Current treatments is through all kinds of high blood pressure drug that blood pressure control in the appropriate level, and to achieve slow down such a vital organs of the gradual damage process of purpose. From appear high blood pressure to these organs appear damage, decreased function experience of time every patient is different, if blood pressure control is bad, the other risk factors like high blood fat, smoking, drinking, diabetes and not got good control, so the process is very short, this is some patients from found high blood pressure to organ failure only a few years reasons;If, on the other hand, blood pressure, blood fat and so on good control, the process can be very long, even there were no complications are possible, we also see some patients in clinic, found that after high blood pressure to take medicine, blood pressure control good, more than 20 years later, there were no more important organ function of the damage.So high blood pressure treatment wants as early as possible, and insist for a long time.

Some patients asked why antihypertensive medications to for long-term use, can only say that the current medical technology can't reach eat a few pills, dozen one needle radical high blood pressure level, can use an oral medication to control blood pressure, of unknown etiology for high blood pressure, cannot effect a radical cure, as soon as you stop the drug, blood pressure will be back up to the level before taking the medicine.

Currently in clinical use of oral medication, including the following a few kinds big, is to belong to first-line use, we said the doctor's first drug use, which means that in the whole people, these kinds of drug antihypertensive effects are roughly equal, in mental kidney and other vital organs protection function is quite, can be starting drug use, but specific to each patient, because of age, gender, combined risk factors and the clinical situation is different, different patient suits different kinds.

The first categories: angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, everyone will think this name very clumsy, it doesn't matter, everybody, this kind of drug chemical names is with was the end, such as early enalapril piece, enalaprilat, now and nutrient Pulitzer, beth was that, f XinPuLi and so on, we see was as long as the two words, will know that this kind of medicine is the categories.

In order to communicate with everybody is convenient, I would say it was for the class, the class is very widely used was the antihypertensive drugs, many large-scale clinical research found him in lower blood pressure at the same time, still can treatment for heart failure, diabetic nephropathy, or even mild preent atrial fibrillation, prevents atherosclerosis role, especially suitable for the merger have heart failure, diabetes, all kinds of kidney disease, coronary heart disease of these patients with high blood pressure, almost all the countries in the world to prevention and control of hypertension guidelines are strongly recommended Pulitzer drugs,It is suitable for most patients, use for a long time can significantly reduce the occurrence of various cerebrovascular event, reduce the number of hospital, prolong life. In heart failure patients with coronary artery disease and, is considered the drug must be used. In the first selection of diabetes was, and it is suitable for young patients.

This drug is mainly by inhibiting the body of a kind of converting enzyme, is this the angiotensin converting enzyme, the enzyme activity of drugs to inhibit by Pulitzer after, in body called a angiotensin material is significantly reduced, and the blood vessels of the adverse effect known as many nervous, for example will shrink systemic vascular, sympathetic nervous activity increase, and so on. This material reduced, and the action is reduced, natural blood pressure has decreased, target organs and protected.At a slightly younger patients, the angiotensin role is stronger, the forming mechanism of high blood pressure in the proportion of comparison, so was better class. For older people, such as 65 or 70 years of age or older, may be other mechanisms, such as too much salt, water reservoir of the mechanism of sodium leave of main component, the pure blood pressure strength is, it is not as good as we said behind to calcium antagonists and diuretics.

Plymouth drugs of the common side effects are dry cough, incidence about 20%, with occurrence pharynx itching, dry cough, general is started taking drugs was January began to appear, most of the patient can tolerate, insist on taking dry cough can be reduced, but some patients of dry cough very serious, only withdrawal, after discontinuation of dry cough will soon disappear, need not special treatment. Patients often because the repeated see HuXiKe doctor, if meet with a not familiar with Pulitzer drugs doctors, it is possible to do a lot of examination, or even what chest CT do, cost a lot of injustice.

So, if you are taking the medication when a dry cough, please check the following your medicine bag, have what was and so on drugs, and if there is, that nine out of ten is caused by it, they should seek to switch to other specialized subject to cardiovascular drugs. There is a more common side effect is to make the potassium increased, it makes in the blood of the potassium ions increased, generally speaking, for patients with normal renal function, This is a problem, because normal renal slide easily put these a potassium from urine # out, but if kidney is bad, that is about to pay attention to. Interestingly, mild renal impairment was using drugs or even has the advantage, in started using, creatinine (reaction of kidney function index) will be a moderately elevated,But after long-term use of kidney function will improve. But to severe renal impairment, the use of drugs was still have certain risk, need to weigh the pros and cons. So if you have a kidney damage, please tell your cardiovascular doctor, convenient he overall consideration.

And a little note that this class should not be used for was pregnant women who, because it leads to fetal malformation, this was not what problem, because of previous hypertensive patients age of onset, it is people get married have children early. But with high blood pressure of the age of onset moved forward, to marry to give birth to the child's age turned back before the children found high blood pressure is not so rare. So everybody, if still didn't have children, found that high blood pressure, can't run to the drug store to buy these a Pulitzer drugs, one thousand during the medicine pregnant, that will be in trouble.